For my servers I almost always do openSUSE, another developer got me into the habit and I’m used to yum for LAMP stacks, for everything else I use Arch

Before I get a lot of hate on the list I’m going to tell you WHY I use Arch and why it’s been reign of the arch desktop since I was sworn in to presidency

1. Setting it up makes you a better person


Like volunteering to help the blind, setting up arch makes you morally superior to other distro users. Why is this? You know your distro inside and out, there is not one part of the entire build that you didn’t have a hand in. You picked your windows manager, and you know what your swap space is. It also takes you from average ubuntu special needs kid to AP Linux User. You learn the commands to navigate the terminal and you will be the super user your computer deserves.

2. You become responsible for your distro


You built it, so when it breaks it’s your fault, makes you want to learn how to not break your system every graphics update, doesn’t it? Like a proud parent you show off your sweet riced out desktop but you’re also the only one to blame when you update like when your kid robs your neighbors house for money. But as spiderman said with great power comes great responsibility and the former arch has SO MUCH OF

3. You’re never “behind the times”


Arch is a rolling release distro, which means there is no bullshit cutesy names that make your system insecure because you’re on Persnickity Penguin and everyone else is on Quixotic Quail or whatever ubuntu is up to these days. You’re on top of the ball all the time, and it’s not a 2 hour downtime just to get the correct graphics driver to render GIMP. Less Downtime is a better system (unless you’re a unix user and then you’re wondering what exactly downtime is)

4. Lighter than Lays Potato Chips


Arch doesn’t take up a lot of space which is great for people who need a lot of disk space or are on older computers. In fact the whole reason I switched to arch was due to the Knoppix LiveCD saving my system more times than I can count. Why is arch so light? Because there is no bullshit youtube 3D display driver included when you first install the distro. This is your distro make it what you want it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

A special snowflake just like you


Arch is literally the closest thing you can get to building your own distro without building your own distro. Currently you’re icarus and linux is the sun, arch is the limit you can go without burning your wings off and dying while your father shakes his head at you in disgust. My arch right now is a hybrid between a LAMP server for testing and a pen testing distro, my needs are mostly for web penetration testing so my arch distro fits that bill the best. We all use linux for different needs, why not make sure that your distro fits you the best? A tailored suit looks far better than something you bought at mens warehouse, Arch is a tailored suit, Ubuntu is Mens Warehouse (well with Unity involved it’s more like JC Penney Clearance)

In the end though, Arch is something that takes a whole weekend to set up and weeks to get stable, it’s like going through a spiritual journey that you can put on your resume later and brag about to all your friends who run inferior distros like Ubuntu and Mint. More importantly you become an advanced linux user out of necessity, you know how to compile your own kernel and you know enough bash to get yourself on FBI’s most wanted list, which is I think a goal everyone should have for linux


Use Arch.